Eating is so yesterday.  Chew, swallow, chew, swallow.  Where does it end?  Actually, don’t answer that question. Instead, picture a world without the day-in-day-out drudgery of food preparation and consumption: a place where you can literally breathe in the flavours.

Harvard professor David Edwards wants to make lots of things as easy as inhaling.  Want to drink coffee while on your morning jog?  Breathe in some espresso!  Have trouble swallowing those awkwardly shaped, nasty-tasting vitamin tablets?  Breathe in your supplements!  At risk for malaria and other nasty diseases?  Breathe in a handy vaccine!  And of course, want all the satisfying taste of chocolate without the inconvenience and enfatteningness of actually digesting it?  Breathe in a bon-bon!

Dr. Edwards’ company, Breathable Food, would like me to describe this process as whiffing, which I refuse to do, because to me whiffing is a synonym for fucking up big-time.  (How're you doing in chem this term, dude? –Man, I'm whiffing it so bad!)  Their product, known as Le Whif, has been available commercially since 2009, and has apparently been taking the too-lazy-to-masticate crowd by storm ever since.

The "How To Whif" instructions. This is a real thing.

Sold in a lipstick-shaped inhaler, Le Whif chocolates come in plain, mint, and raspberry flavours.  Teeny tiny particles of chocolate (50 to 100 μm in size) are then delivered to your greedy, waiting mouth via aerosol.  Each puff contains less than one calorie, so you can breathe in all that decadent, dessert-like air to your heart’s—or lungs’—content!  What will Science think of next?

Not surprisingly, Science thought of alcohol next.  Though it’s not ready for market yet, scientists in Dr. Edwards’ labs are now perfecting Le Whaf, breathable alcohol for the boozehound on the go.

A suave man whafs a refreshing bowl of fog.
Whaffing currently involves some cumbersome paraphernalia, but is similar in concept to the chocolate Le Whifs: a flavourful fog containing 5 μm particles of alcohol that you breathe rather than sip/munch.  Sadly, in the same way that you won’t get a full belly from Le Whifs, you shouldn’t expect to get sloshed from alcoholic Le Whafs.  “It is very poetic and subtle, not a way to get hammered,” said Dr. Edwards in an interview with Engineering & Technology.  That sounds like such a party.