Self awareness: good.
Line charts: good.
Updating this blog: good.

Combine these three things and you have a wholesome recipe for sucking less.

In a perhaps futile attempt to breathe life back into this withering husk of a blog, I paused and asked myself: why I haven't been writing anything? This blog is awesome and has two loyal followers that are probably devastated by the sudden and lengthy radio silence.

I soon became tired and went to bed, but not before I decided that I'd dedicate about 15 minutes to taking a crack at figuring this all out using Excel line charts.

1. Relationship between Energy Level and Potential Blog Post Output

I started by looking for a relationship between my overall energy level and the likelihood that I'll blog. As expected: low energy levels correlated with a decreased likelihood to post.

This decrease slows slightly when my energy level is around 60%, probably because that's when I'm feeling too lazy to do anything productive but my brain is happily zip-zipping along. Peak energy level does not appear to guarantee that I'll post anything here. Bummer.

2. Influence of Television Programming on Potential Blog Post Output

Next, I considered whether or not television programming (specifically: primetime dramas) has any influence over blogging likelihood.

Not surprisingly, I found that I'm considerably more likely to blog when I'm not as interested in what's on TV. Again, it seems like there could be nothing but food dehydrator infomercials on television and there's still no guarantee I'll write anything. Interesting.

3. Effect of Adventurous Feelings on Potential Blog Post Output

Onward! Looking at how adventurous I feel and what effect that has on whether or not I'll blog, the "might blog" trend actually increases while my adventure level decreases (provided it remains above the midpoint).

It appears that around 60% inclination toward adventure is when I've got the best chance of posting something. This is probably along the same lines as the energy thing: at 60% adventure, I don't see myself playing Ultimate Frisbee but I'm probably up for an interesting brain project.

Unfortunately, they meet up again at around 40% adventurousness - probably because I've given up and started watching food dehydrator infomercials.

4. Connection between Suck Level and Potential Blog Post Output

Next, I decided to try a different angle and see how my current suck level and blog post output are connected.

No surprises here, either: the more I blog, the less I suck. And vice versa. Hohum. Too bad I lost steam so quickly, what this study really needs is a chart evaluating how important perceived suck level is to defining self-worth. Or something.

5. This Other Chart

Instead of doing that thing I just mentioned, I made this chart and quickly realized that I either forgot what I was trying to get at or did something wrong with the data. Maybe you can figure it out.